Who we aresahi-logo

is a scientific association under the direct supervision of King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences and conduct its public activities to develop theoretical and application knowledge in order to provide scientific and applicable studies including consultation whether for private or public. It is a non-profit organization which was founded in the year 2006. SAHI helps to develop the scientific knowledge in the field of health information, scientific and vocational performance for association members and also provides an umbrella for those working in the scientific field.

Our vision is “To be a trustworthy enabler and leader organization for health informatics discipline in Saudi Arabia”


SAHI works in partnership with healthcare authority and providers to participate actively in the e-health transformation through promoting health informatics related education, research, and professional practice

Strategic goals :

1. Development of scientific thought in health informatics field in addition to the enhancement and activation of it.
2. Achieve the scientific communication between all SAHI members.
3. Provide scientific consultation in health informatics
4. The enhancement of professional performance for SAHI members.
5. Facilitate the exchange of scientific production، and ideas in the field of scientific interests of the association between the relevant bodies and organizations inside and outside the Kingdom
6. Preparation of the general ethics constraints
7. To be an umbrella for health workers to take advantage of health informatics applications in research and therapeutic aspects of e-learning applications in the scientific field


SAHI is keen to enter into partnerships with international bodies to exchange the experiences, in addition to agreements with healthcare organization to support the concept of the health informatics deployment and adoption. Also SAHI cooperate with healthcare vendors to enhance the industrial of health informatics.